Stuurgewichten Akron-XS zwart/titanium
  • Stuurgewichten Akron-XS zwart/titanium
  • Stuurgewichten Akron-XS zwart/titanium
  • Stuurgewichten Akron-XS zwart/titanium

Highsider Stuurgewichten Akron-XS zwart/titanium


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HIGHSIDER Motorcycle Handlebar Weights AKRON-XS
- Styling for your bike -

With these nobly designed handlebar ends you can design your bike in detail according to your ideas. In addition, bar ends serve to reduce disturbing vibrations on the handlebars. Thanks to the clamping system with different sleeves, it is universally suitable for 7/8 (�22 mm), 1 inch (�25.4 mm) or X-Bar (�28.6 mm) tubular handlebars with an inner diameter of 12 to 22 mm.

Our accessory TIP:
Excellent in combination with the optically matched design handlebar grip rubber AKRON from our own company. The caps of the handlebar ends reflect the design of the rubber grips and make your motorcycle cockpit an eye-catcher.

Precisely tuned - the extensive range of accessories from HIGHSIDER is perfectly tailored to your motorcycle. With a maximum of quality and functionality you can easily design your bike according to your wishes.

Handlebar weight �: 37,4 mm
Width: 17 mm

Scope of delivery: 1 pair incl.
each 2 clamping sleeves with D. 12 mm and D. 16 mm
each 2 spacer sleeves with D. 14 mm, D. 18 mm and D. 21 mm
2 x M6 central bolts
2 x M6 conical nuts

For handlebar ends with clamping system the ends of the handlebars must not be blocked by threaded inserts or similar.
handlebar ends do not have to be approved, therefore they do not need any test marks, certificates or ABEs.