Airolube Wash + Protect

100% biodegradable, ECO Friendly, Plant based, tested by professionals.


Airolube Wash + Protect is a plant-based formula for cleaning and sealing paint layers and metal parts of the motorcycle.

Save time with the unique natural 2-in1 formula. The paint is cleaned and protected in one operation. The formula is suitable for glass, metal and lacquer layers. The product provides a radiant and shiny result where the water runs directly off the surface.

Like all other Airolube products, the Wash + Protect is also biodegradable. The packaging is also fully recyclable.

Mix 10ml Airolube Wash + Protect per 1 liter of warm to hot water. Wash the surface with a sponge or cloth. Always rinse the dirty cloth or sponge first in a bucket of water before submerging it again in the bucket with Wash + Protect. Rinse the surface after washing. Are you fully assured of a lime-free result? Rinse with Airolube Demi Water.

1 L
5 L
500 ml

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