Manufacturer: Airolube Productn Number: AL8437

Airolube Speedwax

100% biodegradable, ECO Friendly, Plant based, tested by professionals.


Airolube Speedwax is a wax emulsion for the protection and finishing of paints for motorcycle, bicycle, car and agricultural vehicles.

The natural formula of the Airolube Speedwax leaves a water-repellent and dirt-resistant wax layer on the paint. As a result, the paint is optimally protected against external influences. Airolube Speedwax gives the paint back its showroom look, without the addition of silicone.

Airolube Speedwax is a vegetable formula that is completely biodegradable. The unique composition is safe to use and free from any form of hazard labels. All Airolube packaging is also fully recyclable.

Before use, first clean the paint layer, using a cleaner such as the Airolube Universal Cleaner. Then spray into the entire surface with Airolube Speedwax. Wipe out the Speedwax with a gentle cloth with a brushing motion.


Unit Piece
Content 1 L 5 L 200 ml 500 ml