Airolube Bearing Grease

100% biodegradable, ECO Friendly, Plant based, tested by professionals.


Airolube Bearing Grease is a vegetable grease that has been developed for parts that are subjected to enormous force. An example of this are bearings or shafts.

The Airolube Bearing Grease is resin-free and has excellent adhesion. This ball bearing grease is distinguished by its vegetable character and very low friction coefficient and high-quality protection against corrosion. The Airolube Bearing Grease ensures that moisture and dirt cannot penetrate to the parts. This prevents rusting and closing of the parts. The ball bearing grease is suitable for all weather conditions and maintains excellent performance in a temperature range between -20°C and 70°C.

Like all other Airolube products, the Bearing Grease is also biodegradable, the packaging can be completely recycled. The Bearing Grease therefore not only prevents wear on parts, it also prevents wear on the environment.

Wet the surface. Make sure the surface is degreased. Use a degreaser such as Airolube Super Degreaser for this. After degreasing, coat the surface with  Airolube Bearing Grease.

50 ml
500 ml